Brain Model

Item code: Ba1 • Natural cast • Dissectible vertically in halves • Mounted on a base

Anatomical Ear Model

Item code: Ba2 • Four part model • Made from rigid plastic • Enlarged 5 times • Shows essential details of the ear

Anatomical Eye Model

Item code: Ba3 • Enlarged 4 times • Cross section through the eye • Showing sclera, choroid, retina optic nerve, vitreous body, lens, iris, ciliary body and cornea • Retinal,choroidal vascular system

Anatomical Heart Model

Item code: Ba4 • Enlarged • Made from rigid plastic • Dissectible into 3 parts • Coloured and finished to show all features • Mounted on a stand

Anatomical Torso Model

Item code: Ba7 A) Torso Model Sexless • With head • Rubberised for durability • Natural size • Separates into many parts B) TorsoModel Male / Female • With head • Rubberised for durability • Natural size • Separates into many parts

Anatomical Skeleton Model

Item code: Ba6 • Full size • Fully articulated • Skull is divisible into 3 parts • Arms and legs are detachable • Supplied with roller stand • Height: 1750mm

DNA Model

DNA Structure • Simplified representation of a short segment of double-stranded DNA • Plastic • Identified by colours • Height±:500mm • Containing 10 paired nucleotides • Mounted on plastic base

Skin Model

Shows skin layers, hair, follicles, sweat glands, nerve endings, blood vessels tissue Each feature is numbered and keyed High impact plastic Reinforced with foam

Molecular Model

Organic and Inorganic Set: Economy Model • This set consists of 150 connecting lugs and 370 balls in different sizes and colours • With instruction manual