Abacus – Base 10

Item code: Ma1 A wooden standing model with row of · coloured plastic beads A) 10 row of beads, 315 x 240mm B) 5 rows of beads, 180 x 240mm

Base Ten

Item code: Mb4 3 dimensional model set assists pupils to grasp the relationship between units, tens, hundreds and thousands Each piece is marked in centimetre squares to demonstrate how each unit relates to the whole · Set Combination: 1) 100 units cubes (1 x 1 x 1cm) 2) 10 rods (1 x 1 x 10cm) 3) 10 flats (1 x 10 x 10cm) 4) 1 cube (10 x 10 x 10cm)


Item code: Mb6 · A probability instrument that visually demonstrates binomial distribution · Balls are fed in at the top and randomly bounce on the pegs towards the tray, forming a histogram · Supplied with 150 balls

Balance - Rocker

Item code: Mb2 · Excellent introduction to the concepts of weight, volume and the principles of measurement of weight by means of a balance · Two pans are cubes of plastic graduated in cm squares for simple calculations

Geometric Shapes

Item code: Mg1 · These two dimensional shapes are suitable for studying shape, area, simple sorting and mosaic building · 16 shapes, 10 colours of each shape in different colours, supplied in a plastic tray

Fraction Strip Set (9 Colour)

Item code: Mf2 · Rectangular pieces · Representing1,1/2,1/3,1/4,1/5,1/6,1/7,1/8,1/10,1/12 Each size in different colour · Easy to use fraction set

Chalkboard Apparatus Set

Item code: Mc2 · Suitable for blackboard use and is made from solid hardwearing plastic · A handle in the centre allows for steadiness when used on the blackboard · Compass has a piece of chalk on one end and a rubber/steel point tip option

Trundle - Wheel

Item code: Mw1 Each full rotation is charcterised by a loud click signifying that a meter has been travelled. Available in: A) Superior quality B) Economy Type