BIO 3 Advanced Binocular Microscope

Item code: MICb5 Two 10 x eyepieces One 2 x objective lens (20x) One 4 x objective lens (40x) Top and bottom illumination

COM 1 Monocular Microscope

Item code: MICc2 · 40x - 400x magnification · 0.65 condenser or disc type (iris diaphragm) · Coarse and fine focus A) Condenser type with attachable light source B) Disc type without light source (mirror illuminated) C)Advanced type (built-in light source)

COM 3 Advanced Monocular Microscope

Item code: MICc4 · 40x - 1000x magnification · 1.25 Abbe condenser · Coarse and fine focus · Mechanical stage · Built-in 15 - 20W illumination A) 4/10/40/100x objective B) 4/10/40/100x objective with iris, spiral up and down