Rod - Plastic

Item code: Tr3 · To construct various structures and projects Rod supplied in 450mm lengths of 4 and 5mm ø 8mm rod is also available that is suitable for wheel spacers

Pulley Pack

Item code: Tp16 Contains 10 each of pulleys with diameters of 30, 38 and 48mm Rubber bands, string or our elastic pulley belt can be used as pulley drives

Motor Gear/Pulley Pack

Item code: Tm5 · · Gear and pulley on same shaft Push fit with 2mm centre hole that fits Tm4 motors · Gear: 10 tooth, meshes with standard gear pack · Pack of 10

Solar Energy Kit

Item code: Ts19 Educational · To learn about solar energy and how to build your own solar system · Complete with solar panel, small motor and propeller blade

Goggle - Safety

Item code: Tg7 · Helps avoid chemical or dust contact with eyes or splinting contact with eyes A) Plastic - with elastic strap B) Spectacle - with side shield

Electronic Kit - Basic

Item code: Te2 Ideally suitable for any person who shows an interest, but has no previous experience · in electronics

Technology Class Starter Pack

Item code: Tt6 · To build projects and explore the basic principles of structures and mechanisms · Sufficient items for a class, working in up

Pneumatics & Hydraulics Kit

Item code: Tp12 Ideal for pneumatics and hydraulic projects · Consists of: 1) 2 x 10ml plastic syringes 2) 2 x 20ml plastic syringes 3) 1 x 50ml plastic syringes 4) 1m PVC tubing 3mm 5) 2 x T-pieces 3mm od